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Application Deadline is March 15th, 2024.  

Please contact Heather Bowe, hbowe@uwhealth.org  with questions.


 Copy of RTOWjudingcriteria.xls


2022 Paper Competition Winners:

TIE 1st: Kaytlin Krivich - Long Term Sexual Complications of Female Patients Receiving Radiation to the Pelvis for Gynecologic Malignancies

TIE 1st: Lydia Plechaty - The Evolution of the Standard of Care for Treatment of Brain Metastases

3rd: Chynna Flock - The Management and Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients in Radiation Oncology During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison of Modified Approaches with the Conventional Approach


2020 Paper Competition Winners:

1st place:  Alexa Peterson- "The Use of Mindfulness and Meditation in Radiation Oncology Patients:  A Literature Review

2nd place:  Jaclyn Wanie- "Cancer Caregivers:  The Forgotten Community"

3rd place:  Margaret Koehn- "Locoregional and Systemic Therapies for Triple Negative Breast Cancer"


2019 Paper Competition Winners:

1st place:  Courtney Kocken, MRI Guided Adaptive Lung Cancer Radiotherapy


2nd place:  Alexandra Radle, The Use of Three-Dimensional Printed Bolus in Radiation Oncology: A Literature Review


3rd place:  Kylan Ruck, Evoloving to Heavy Ion Species:  Carbon Ion Therapy for Radiation Therapy Treatment

         PAPER14 CARBON.docx 


2018 Paper Competition Winners:

1st  Peter Krien – A current Study of Job Satisfaction in Radiation Therapy


2ndJulia Bower – Stress and burnout within Radiation Therapy: Causes and Solutions


3rdErika Bassler – Assessment and comparison of superflab, 3d printed, and Brass Mesh Bolus in Post-Mastectomy Radiation Therapy  



2017 Paper Competition Winners:

1st place Dylan Tripoli ($125)- Normal Chest and Abdominal Tumor Motion in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning:  A Review of Recommendations and Investigation of Current Practices

Tripoli- Spring Paper Presentation.pptx 

2nd place TIE ($75 each) Kaitlin Klinger- A Cancer Diagnosis During Pregnancy:  Is Radiation Therapy an Option?

Klinger- RTOW paper presentation.pptx

Sophia Lamey- Advances in Personalized Medicine in Oncology:  A Refresher for the Practicing Radiation Therapist

rtow paper-sophie.pptx

3rd place ($50) Matt Kosch- Advantages and Recent Implementation of Fiducials in IGRT

Matthew Kosch Research Essay Presentation.pptx


2016 Paper Competition Winners

1st Place-  Dana Peterson – Secondary Malignancies in Childhood Cancer Survivors Treated…

2nd Place-  Chelsea Hagen – Comparison of Proton Therapy…

3rd Place   TIE

Summer Evrard – Understanding and overcoming Barriers…

Andrea Diehl – Alternative approaches for the Management…

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